Highlights from the Greater Springfield Workforce Scan

The Springfield Regional Jobs Committee are thrilled to highlight the key outcomes from their Business and Workforce Scan, conducted in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland – Australia. 

Ronan Analytics delivered a comprehensive overview of the scan’s findings, particularly relevant to Greater Springfield and the broader Ipswich area. This event marked the beginning of a strategic partnership aimed at aligning skilling, workforce development, and industry efforts to ensure sustainable prosperity in our region. The focus remains on preparing the local workforce for the future and fostering thriving business ecosystems.

It was an honour to host Jobs Queensland, who provided valuable insights into workforce planning and its significance for businesses of all sizes. A key takeaway from the scan highlighted the desire for enhanced connections between businesses and between business and government. For businesses seeking further information and engagement with the Queensland Government, following Business Queensland is recommended.

Looking ahead, the Springfield Regional Jobs Committee will collaborate closely with key industry stakeholders to develop a guiding document for future skilling and employment strategies in Greater Springfield, which will be shared with the Springfield and Ipswich communities in the near future.

Participants included Charis Mullen MP, Mayor Teresa Harding, TAE Aerospace, Mater Greater Springfield, Greater Springfield Chamber Of Commerce, and other stakeholders committed to regional development, workforce development, community engagement, and business growth.